Friends & Influencers

As a writer, I enjoy and am hugely appreciative of the community of creative people I’ve met and learned from over the years. And I’m happy to note that some of my idols have become friends (or at least acquaintances) and colleagues, while on the other hand, a number of my friends have emerged from the struggle to become idols. Check out their blogs:

  • KatipunanCowboy by Mikey Bautista
    I can’t very well have a Friends & Influencers page without mentioning my best, biggest one: my hubby, who’s a gamer, streamer, and commentator when he’s not earning a living to pay our bills. Just kidding. I help. A little. Anyway, he’s a fan of K-Pop and Air Jordans, although I suspect the man really just likes shoes in general (he has more pairs than I do!). And it’s a good thing his go-to brand is Nike because every time I give voice to a dream or aspiration of mine, his default response is “Just do it, babe.”
  • Publishing in Pajamas by Mina V. Esguerra
    The many awesome hats Mina wears is just a testament to her overall kickassedness (it’s obviously at a level that requires word invention). I’ve taken and benefited greatly from the advice she imparted in her #romanceclass and #buqosteamyreads sessions. As well as being a great teacher, Mina is an author of romance, young adult, and new adult contemporary novellas. She’s also an editor, an independent publisher, the president of book marketing company Bronze Age Media… and the list goes on and on.
  • The Serial Killer Files by Jennifer Hillier
    Disclaimer: I’m related to this author, and damn proud of it! Jenny is the author of four full-length thrillers and counting—all of them published by Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books. These are Creep, Freak, The Butcher, and Wonderland and reading her work makes me glad she likes me, because this lady knows how to murder someone like nobody’s business! On a more personal note, when she found out that I was writing mostly for myself and then tossing my novels in dark holes from which they never emerged, she challenged me to try writing for an audience. One day, I’m determined to dedicate a book to her.
  • Kate Evangelista: Official Author Website
    Author Kate Evangelista might best be known for her young adult novels, most notably Taste and Til Death, but she’s also written a new adult contemporary love story called Romancing the Bookworm. Plus, her YA romance No Love Allowed will be released by Macmillan imprint Swoon Reads in spring 2016! She’s an awesome NaNoWriMo participant, as she doesn’t actually outline, and how she can make stories come together without a guide is something that continues to instill a baffled awe in me.
  • Anne Plaza: Official Website
    I first met Anne via the great big adventure that is NaNoWriMo, and I just kept running into her. We were classmates in Mina V. Esguerra’s #romanceclass; I failed, but she came up with a second-chance love story entitled In Over Her Head. More recently, she’s published an urban fantasy novella featuring Philippine mythology called Blood Maharlika.
  • The Great Big Jump by Stella Torres
    Stella’s another friend I met via NaNoWriMo and later ran into in Mina’s #romanceclass. Like Anne, she was a successful student and churned out Save the Cake, a fun, light read with a book-boyfriend-worthy love interest, although honestly, I’m still waiting for the companion novel about her main character’s big brother! This lady doesn’t let a full plate get in the way of chomping down on her fiction writing; she’s editing her novel while pursuing a PhD and working on other projects as well.