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Let me help you tell your story.


I write articles for a number of magazines and websites, but I can also write press releases, product and service descriptions, speeches, company profiles, instruction manuals, essays, short stories, and longer works of fiction and nonfiction.


I proofread and/or copy edit content, usually articles or manuscripts, but I can also do content editing and beta reading to help you improve the elements of your story as well as your delivery of it. Rates for copy editing and proofreading are per word, while plot doctoring and editorial consulting rates are negotiated per project or paid by the hour.


I currently am the book blogger behind, where I post book reviews, author interviews, videos, and more.

Workshops & Community

Helping fellow writers and editors improve their craft is something I just love to do, whether it’s in a classroom setting, a public venue, or one-on-one. I can devise workshops or seminars according to your needs, and I’m also open to coaching sessions and public speaking opportunities. I’m currently the community manager of Romance Writers of the Philippines.

About Me

Let me tell you about myself.
Shaping stories
sharing them with the world.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been a jack of all trades bouncing around a creative and lifestyle writing career path.

I have authored stories and a novella; written articles for websites and magazines; written speeches, product catalogs, and PR materials; edited manuscripts, websites and magazines; been a content strategy consultant and editor for websites, magazines, and businesses; coached aspiring and newbie writers; and given workshops on writing, editing, and publishing.

Stories are my passion—telling my own and learning those of others. So recently I’ve embarked on a new chapter for myself by adding a little more focus to my freelancing career.

Now I’m offering author marketing alongside the editing I've done for several years.

I’ll use my experience as a writer and editor to help you polish your story, then use the network I’ve built and the knowledge I’ve earned as a trainer, editor, and book blogger to help you share it with more and more readers.

Not only will I help you do these things, but I’ll also help you learn to do it yourself!

So that’s my story and my journey so far. Won’t you let me help you with yours?

  • Content Writing and Strategy
  • Developmental (Content) editing, copy editing & Proofreading
  • Workshops, COACHING & TRAINING
  • Email & Social Media Marketing


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